1. So, my Line 6 Echo Park delay pedal isn't working. It turns on and I can still tap beats into it, but no sound comes out of it, not even when it's supposed to be bypassing. Does anyone have any clue what could be wrong with it?

2. My band is recording soon and I need some new pedals, but Im not not sure what to look out for. I need an overdrive, a delay pedal, a volume pedal, a compressor, maybe a chorus, and maybe a phaser. My band is roughly progressive blackened-death metal with some -core influences here and there. I'll need the overdrive as a booster. I'll need the delay and chorus for cleans. I'll need the phaser for solos and maybe some cleans. I'll need a compresser for solos or maybe to help my noise gate tighten things up.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!