I have a 335, but the thing I don't like about it is how wide the neck is. Does the 339 have a narrower neck? I don't mind fat necks, I actually prefer them... it's just the width that's getting me. Not sure how you measure width... nut size?
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The nut size is on the Gibson website ...and probably others too...
I personally dont have any problem with my ES339...its not hugely wider than my strat...
Gibson's site has the specs for all their guitars but their guitars are random when it comes to necks. Maybe your 335 has been made with an unusually wide neck. Maybe you will pick up a 339 that happens to have been made with a really thin neck or it's possible you'll pick one up and it will have a neck even bigger than your 335. You gotta go try them out for yourself. There is no standard when it comes to Gibson necks.