Heya fellas,

For the past years I've realized that I find it much more rewarding trying to learn a song strictly by using my ear only. Right now I'm working on Jefferon Airplane's "High Flyin' Bird (Live At Monterey Pop Festival, 1967)". I've figured out the notes for the entire song (more or less)!

Here's the reference video

Well basically, in the intro lead, Jorma plays with a technique that I don't seem to grasp. Between 0:15-0:23 seconds in you hear him playing on frets 10 and 7. When I just listen to the song (without the video) I just assumed it was a standard vibrato bend on the 10th fret. Looking at the video however, that might not be it. And no matter what I try, it just doesn't sound the same. I don't get the same feel and tone.

When it comes to the short, snappy notes on fret 7 - I don't seem to get how he does it. It sounds like it has vibrato, but when I try that it too doesn't sound anything like the video/version of the song.

If anyone could help me along the way, that'd be appreciated, because I'm starting to think it's a technique that has slipped by me...

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I think he's making a ½ bend on two strings at the same time, 9th fret on the G-string and 10th fret on the B-string and then just release both at the same time.
Ah, yeah, a ½ bend seems about right now when you say it. You're also correct about it being two at the same time, but I'm still convinced it's exclusively 10th fret (sorry if I came off as arrogant there!)!