Hey guys. I'm a guitarist of 3 and a half years but have never had a proper band. Finally, I've found the best possible band in about a 25 mile radius. We've got some serious connections (a very famous person), a free rehearsal space, access to a professional studio for free, whenever we like.

This could not be better. If there's a chance of me getting into music as a career, this is going to be it.

However, as I've never been in a band before, and the other guys have just formed this band, we're not too sure how to get gigs. I've played gigs before and stuff but never had to find them, I've always had to do them or been offered them.

I really want to push this band as far as it can go as we've got it set really. I don't want to waste this opportunity.
Well... where I come from everybody goes to the venues and asks if they can play there. The first 10 gigs might be for free that way, but at least you get the chance to play. If you're good, other venues will start booking you.
Just take every chance you can get to gig, if you here someone's looking for a band for "whatever", just introduce yourself.

A demo also comes in handy in those cases.

Other bands whom already have experience in gigging might be a great reference and can even help you to get gigs at larger venues.
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Who da daddy???

Billy Bragg, I did say in the other thread. So, we'll be practising at his house, using his recording equipment etc
Well Billy would be better for this (or any) advice than we could offer on an internet forum.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I knew it was Billy, as soon as you mentioned 53 year old, London-based Folk/Punk/Protest singer. I agree with Alan, if anyone will know, its Billy, so ask him.
Well, all advice is good advice in my books, whether you choose to follow it or not. You'll know stuff he doesn't and he'll know stuff you don't.
Find the email address/phone numbers of local promoters, tell them you're interested in doing gigs with their company, and would be willing to play for free/petrol money. Also, have demos/press packs ready, in case they want to hear your stuff. If they're impressed they might ask you to headline shows, or even pay you.

Thats how I'd start getting gigs, but I'm sure everyones got a different way of doing it.