Hi all, here are some common problems I find with overdrive pedals:

- They all sound honky/quacky, dull or generally gritty when using the guitar's volume control to clean up. It would be nice to find one that you don't have to turn off to get a decent clean.

- The ones with great, clear, natural drive tend to not have quite enough gain for full-on rock tones.

- Many of them are very noisy/hissy when on.

- Some change the guitar's sound, adding unnatural overtones or bass/middle/treble humps.

I usually use an EQ pedal with flat EQ and the volume slider all the way up to push the preamp hard, but when using an amp that has no overdrive option, a pedal is the only solution.

Does anyone know of one that doesn't have the above problems?
The closest I have used is the MXR GT-OD and Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive V1. Cost isn't a massive issue, within reason!

what amp are you using?
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My amps are 70s Marshall JMPs (2204/2203), but the issue arises when I have to use a different amp. For example, a gig in Portugal last week supplied me with a solid-state clean Peavey. You see the problem!
Cmatmods signa drive or brownie, rothwell switchblade or hellbender, fulltone plimsoul are a few you should look at.
I've got something different and relatively unheard of for you.

JHV3 Ghost Drive.

Very transparent and reactive to playing dynamics, very low noise, retains guitar's character. It also looks a lot more kick a$$ than a lot of pedals you see around.

I've got a review of the pedal here.

Its the one pedal that's basically kicked the OCD, DLS, Lovepedal Kanji 9 off my pedal board completely.
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