Hi all. I have a Marshall DSL50 amp and I’ve been using a marshall distortion pedal to boost volume for solos. However, for those of you that know the DSL, it only has 2 channels, if I use the pedal on the dirty channel it does not really add volume, just adds a bit more distortion. Im having to switch to the clean channel, where the volume is naturally higher and then switching it on in order to get the extra volume. This is a little bit of a hassle as you can probably gather. I was thinking of trying a tubescreamer as I know these are common for solos but I’m not sure if this would give me the same problem. Does anyone have any advice for an easy volume boost and if so, any pedal recommendations? Comments would be appreciated, thank you :-)
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A volume pedal. Leave it half open for everything else, then crank it full for your solos.
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Quote by Naruto00121
Ibanez Tube Screamer.

This, or an EQ pedal set up to boost mids.

A volume pedal has the right idea, but you get a TS or an EQ, and make it mid heavy, it cuts through the mix better.
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+1 to EQ to boost mids. Adjusting mids to cut through for solos is better (and arguably easier) than boosting volume.
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personally, I like a Boss DS-2 for boosting a DSL.

However, for pure volume you could run it in the FX loop, or just do the EQ/vol pedal idea
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I use an EQ pedal, to boost mids and a touch of treble. That's all you need. Delays are good to give a bit more presence to your lead tone.
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Yea my brother uses a DS2, thanks for all the advice guys!
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clean boost in the loop
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use an eq pedal to boost the mids, you can also adjust level on your eq pedal a little bit higher, that way it will be louder.