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I have an Ibanez GAX50. I put in an Ibanez V8 bridge pickup and a duncan designed SGesq pickup from a gregg bennet TR2. Action adjusted, Added a second volume pot. and I love the thing. I have a pretty nice strat, but for the metal and punk this thing just screams. Its like a 90 dollar guitar new. its beat to hell but I just cant find a <$400 guitar that is much better. I've gigged with it and just love it.

Anyone else use a cheap guitar as their main or favorite?
i think you are going to have a wide variety of what people consider "cheap" i was told my fender jaguar and Gretsch Jet pro were cheap guitars. To me cheap is $150 or less... in that case yes, i have an old Teisco that i paid $90 for. i love it!
My favorite guitar (that I own) is an Ibanez GRX70DX. Was one of their jumpstart packages, I wouldn't say it's a great guitar, but to me it is my favorite, mostly because it's the guitar the I started learning with.
I got a used Fender Tele MIM for $225 i think. I love the way it feels and all even more than my silverburst.

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my favourite is my £600 fender 60's strat, but i do still love the feeling and 'air' of my ibby GRG170DX

and by the looks of the rest of this thread, base end ibby's are popular throughout. they're wonderful guitars for the price!
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I love My Rondo Agile AL3100 it is so BA. Ya if you look at it now it is 419 but when I bought it it was 385 so ya awesome guitar. On another note if you have never heard of a rondo check them out. IMO best guitars you can get for the money.
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I have an Epiphone wildkat, I got it when i was like 15 for 250 GBP to replace an awful Gould Les Paul copy i had and the Wildkat is pretty amazing the action is super low and it is like a dreamy little rockabilly shred machine. I can't say i play it all that often since i play my Jems and Gibson Les Pauls but i still love it and would never sell it.
Eko Ranger 6 string. Got it for £125. Bargain It's my beater guitar for times when I'm playing guitar and drinking in the park with friends.
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Sure but then again, for me at least, a guitar's personal charm does a lot - I adore my first electric, which is an Ashton AG200 - Contoured strat-like double cutaway guitar with HSH configuration and a vibrato that's absolute rubbish. Cost like, 200€, so I count it cheap - to me, anything under 350€ is a cheap guitar. My alltime favorite cheapie is my brother's Squier '51 - Absolutely lovely, and changed my opinion from all Squiers being shit to some of them being absolute gems.

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I got a Yamaha RGX620 for NZD$700 used, I'd consider anything under $1000 cheap over here. Couldn't bear to get rid of her, and I wouldn't change ANYTHING. Even the stock pups are fantastic. These things are seriously Ibby Prestige killers.
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yeah i have a Vineyard strat copy and honestly i like it better than my US Fender strat. Vineyard is a very small company that has parts made in china and then they are assembled and set up in the US. excellent quality and plays great. even the stock pups are way better than you might expect. $250, has a flame maple top (real not a photo or other such nonsense) and real abalone position markers. the non locking trem stays in tune better than any other strat i've played. my main axe is an 88 Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe but the Vineyard is still my fav.
RG120 for $200. I'm British, so I'm allowed to own a cheap guitar.
My £50 classical guitar. It was my first guitar.


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I have a Dean MLX, $400 new and, well, a Dean(bound to draw some criticism). When I got it I thought it was the coolest thing ever because it was shaped br00tally, but to be honest the guitar feels great to me, it's nice and light(but it sustains just fine), and I find that it's got the most comfortable body I've ever played(I like guitars with big bodies, and I like playing classical/V-style, so I guess it goes together). The pickups were pretty bad, granted(they made everything sound like a demented excuse for a blues-rock tone, really nasal and low-end Squier Strat-ish, which I didn't notice until I got a Vintage SG knockoff a year later), but I swapped them out for a DiMarzio Super Distortion/PAF Pro combo, and now the thing kills tonally IMO. The input jack's been resoldered 2 or 3 times, the nut needed filing on the D and G strings, and the guitar came without the bridge pickup properly installed and the factory setup was horrible(the neck pickup was in the mounting ring, the bridge pickup was so close to the strings that there were lines of powdered rust from the strings on it), but...I love the guitar. xD It feels great, it hardly ever goes out of tune, and it sounds great now, it was just put together horribly.
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My 1960's Teisco Del Ray. piece of crap guitar. but oh i love it so
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I got my Ibanez RG120 for 150 bucks. It was my first guitar and I love it to death. It's the red one on the left in my sig.
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my G-400 it was $300 new and with a p/u cange it is a great guitar.
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I have an Epiphone wildkat, I got it when i was like 15 for 250 GBP to replace an awful Gould Les Paul copy i had and the Wildkat is pretty amazing the action is super low and it is like a dreamy little rockabilly shred machine. I can't say i play it all that often since i play my Jems and Gibson Les Pauls but i still love it and would never sell it.

Dreamy little rockabilly shred machine would make an awesome song name. On-topic I also love my cheap Ibanez even with the humbucker in the bridge it sounds really nice for surf rock.
My first guitar. A Squier Affinity Series strat. I have this thing set up so well and sounding so great that a lot of friends and owners of Affinity Strats that I know frequently ask me to set up their guitars (problem is I achieved this set up on accident, I have no idea how I did it).
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If 1600 dollars is cheap, then yes.
Since I've played my good guitar, I haven't been able to go back to the cheap ones. My guitar feels like an extension of my body. It feels very natural.
I do use a 400 dollar guitar for tunings other than E Standard and I have a 250 dollar Yamaha tuned a half step down.
The cheaper ones just don't feel the same.
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even though I now play an ESP M-II Deluxe -92, I still miss my god damn LTD M-100fm with 85X/81X... (((((((( loved it but sold and got this one. I love this one too, if I had a choice, its all fine now but I miss it, because it was amazing for what I payed.
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My first guitar. A Squier Affinity Series strat. I have this thing set up so well and sounding so great that a lot of friends and owners of Affinity Strats that I know frequently ask me to set up their guitars (problem is I achieved this set up on accident, I have no idea how I did it).

That's funny. The almost exact same thing happened with my Squier. Her name is Rosie and I love that guitar to bits. At some point, I will get a Fender fat Strat, that will become Rosie II, but the first will always have a place in my heart.
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I love my Jay Turser tele to death!
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I have a 300 dollar VGS Screech that I love to use for more-gain-than-you-can-handle situations.
Admittedly it did get what is essentially a new fretboard and original Floyd installed.

I love my Ibanez S670 to death for all other situations, though.
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It's not really my fave but my eleca DGT-1 is pretty nice, i got it second hand for 40 bucks off a friend, definetly giggable
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I have a ibanez RX20 which the neck is the sex but otherwise's my Drop C guitar
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as much as i like my USA hss strat .. since i have small finger i like 3/4 size children guitar ...

so i have a heavyly modded squier mini ( 80 $ guitar ) .. with fender u.s tuner , new bone nut, new hard tail bridge , seymour duncan humbucker etc.. the guitar is so much fun to play specially when im watching a movie on the couch . its so small and lightweight .
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I have an old Squier bullet that I just can't leave alone. I play it about as much as my main guitars, really a love/hate thing sometimes lol. It originally came with one humbucker and a volume pot. Now it has 2 humbuckers both with coil tap, 1 volume, 1 tone, partially scalloped frets from 12-21 and a tortoise shell pickguard. Maybe a bit excessive for a guitar that originally retailed at $99 but it was my first and I'll be keeping it forever.
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You always remember your first. That's my old Vantage acoustic. It is 27 years old and still going strong. Chunks missing, bit of a belly bulge but still has great tone and the best action I've encountered on an acoustic. And this is after being stored and forgotten over heater pipes for 5 years. It still feels so natural even though I have not really played acoustic at all for several years.
I gave my first ever guitar to charity, so I just have my BC Rich as my 'cheap' guitar. I loved it enough to replace the hardware and electronics because I wanted to have a six-string for a different tuning.
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I have a Tony Iommi SG Epiphone that I love, it gives off a really great sound with overdrive switched on - clean, not so much, but let's face it, who buy's a Tony Iommi custom for the clean sound, and for the price I'm not gonna argue.
Just won a Yamaha RGX 310 (with a floyd) off ebay

Picking up tomorrow, can't wait!
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I picked up my Fender Lone Star strat for $550 on sale...probably the greatest purchase I've ever made. I got my C-1 classic for 570 shipped(used but in pristine condition). Not the cheapest in the world, but both HORRENDOUSLY underpriced. Considering anything I look at these days is at least the price of both combined I'm calling them cheap.
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My main guitar is a Silvertone from around 1965 that I actually got for free(pulled it out of the trash at my apartment complex). I've looked it up and it's still not worth a whole lot(probably like $200 on a good day) but I love the hell out of it. Got a nice, kind of chime-y single coil tone that goes great with what I play.
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All my guitars are cheap. I don't think my playing is good enough to justify buying an expensive one.
My main guitar is an Ibanez GSA60 (no surprise there). It doesn't sound very good but I like the way it feels. I guess I've just grown used to it.
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i play a homemade strat has a a cheap peavey neck (came off my first guitar)....a body that maybe plywood lol im not sure i just know its cheap lol..and some low end squier pick-ups i got off ebay... to me its great..its probley worth like 50bucks but no more then that..even though i put more into it...but i wasnt lookin for a good tone either or i would of just bought a fender strat..i was lookin for a cheap punk tone misfits dead kennedys type sounds great for what it is and i had alot of fun doing it...and i continue too have fun putting guitars together moding them whatever...
My Epiphone SG Special $200, I love it so much
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My Epi SG Junior. It's cheap and my main guitar. It sounds great.
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