I need money to spend on all of these great ideas for guitars I have.. Haha. But here's the latest one - a twangy hollow body guitar.

Both guitars are in about the same price range (the Gretsch is a little more expensive), and as far as I know they both have reasonably comparable tone. I play indie and post-punk revival sort of stuff, and usually play clean, but when I put on the distortion, I really let it roar. A hollow body could be good for feedback.

My current guitar (which will continue to be my main guitar) is a Fender Tele.

I'm basically just wondering which people prefer. There's a new Casino out, but it's only in a limited run and I doubt I'll have the cash to get the guitar before they're all sold.
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I would take the epiphone. I've never really even cared about gretsch guitars. The Epi would be my choice.
Better pick-ups,electronics, and quality control on the Gretsch. It all comes down to feel though, you've got to go with which ever one feels better to you.
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