I just got a guitar with a Floyd rose copy on it. I had never used one before now. It was a pain to tune the guitar but now it's working well.

My question is regarding increasing the pitch in frequency of the strings. I am able to dive bomb or tremolo, but when I yank up on the bar the pitch does not increase. Do you have to really hit it hard or could something else be wrong?

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Is the floyd rose bending forward? Maybe the string tension is more important than the spring one.
Well, I normally prefer to increase the pitch in amplitude, or occasionally in presence, but I guess you can increase it in frequency if you want.

Is the back edge of the bridge assembly touching the guitar? It has to float to work for upbends. If it physically moves when pulled but doesn't change the pitch of the guitar, then I think you've stumbled into the Twilight Zone.
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Are you able to post a picture of your guitars bridge?

Yeps that would be helpfull.
Its possible that the bridge might be moving down or forward when you pull up, but that would be really crazy. I think I agree with AeolianSeventh that you've stumbled into the twilight zone.
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I get the feeling he may have accidentally set it to not floating or has the spring tension too high and it's sitting back in the pocket.
Ooooh yeah my mistake, actually yeah I think it's the spring tension that is too high. tronester try removing a spring...