Poll: Can/Will you make it as a musician?
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Yes, I believe I can make it big in a band.
16 24%
Yes, I believe I can make it in another part of the music industry.
9 13%
Yes, I think I could make it, but am not certain.
16 24%
It would be nice, but not likely.
22 33%
I'm in bands but don't plan to take music seriously.
1 1%
I don't even play in bands.
3 4%
Voters: 67.
Now I know that the majority of the people on this site would probably love to be a member of a band headlining a world tour. However the chances of this are pretty slim, as so many of us are often reminded any time we bring up this dream.

Do you think you can make it? Poll coming.
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I don't think I will. Its a nice dream, and something I'll pursue, but at the end of the day, its only a select few that make it big- theres plenty of hugely talented, but unsigned and unknown musicians, scraping their way through on what they have.

I'd love a caree in music though, either working in a studio, or supporting a day job, with a band/playing acoustic shows.
I'm basing my career choice off working in a studio. I wanna eventually have a sorta genre bending progressive-oriented project of my own though; Ideally I'd run my own studio and have it open to the public in the day, and use it personally after hours.

This will probably take me until I'm well into my late 20'/early 30's I imagine, so I have 10-15 years to work my ass off and see how it goes.
I don't even dream of it. I plan to keep doing what I'm doing, writing and paying music I enjoy. If I somehow end up successful as a result that would be fantastic, but it's so unlikely that the though doesn't even cross my mind.
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I want to have a cool job, and be superbly awesome at music just for the fun of it, I don't want a music career.
I truly belive I can, but never will... as much as I hate to say this. I'm simply not motivated/driven enough to put in the work to make it happen.
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Faulty title alert - "musician" doesn't necessarily mean playing in a band

Had I started playing earlier, I would have considered the career of a session or a studio musician. It's not an option now though.

I'm quite content with my bedroom atm, but I'm open to the idea of playing in an experimental band for just for the fun of it
I really doubt I'll get anywhere as a musician, but I'll try like hell and make sure I have a really good backup.

Which I do.
Im just starting out, i dont plan to 'make it big' in the world or even play in smaller stages... i just play for the love of the instrument...

The way I see it is that there will be famous musicians and bands in the future. Someone has to fill those shoes. It could be you, it might not be you. The only way you'll know is if you try.
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The way I see it is that there will be famous musicians and bands in the future. Someone has to fill those shoes. It could be you, it might not be you. The only way you'll know is if you try.

And I intend to, every day of my life. I feel I could make a little dent if not be the wrecking ball into the music industry. But the wrecking ball is what I dream and envision and I won't go at it lightly. It's not certain, but I will do all I can. With the right-minded and equally driven people at your side, I feel it's possible. And it can be if anyone else tries.
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i honestly do think i could. the band im with is starting to take off a bit. getting airplay and have a show coming up with econoline crush and another local band. after that we were told we are wanted to open for david wilcox and have some other things on the horizon. the frontman with my band has a lot of connections.

other than that, with my OWN music (the band isnt my music aside from songs ive arranged), people seem to really like it or at least like my playing. so i think even if this doesnt work out, my stuff might have a chance.

now im not sure what you consider BIG to be. there are plenty of musicians these days that do very well but arent known in the public eye at all. all i can say i guess is we shall see what happens. i plan to make music my profession though.
As "making it big" is pretty much luck, I reckon, no. I have no luck with anything.

But I am planning on making a career out of music in some way. It's just that I need to seriously work hard for it.
I'm nearly 40, and I already have a career in another field that already pays more than I'd be able to make in the music industry for a long, long time. That said, it would be nice if my music took off and people enjoyed it... but, at the moment, it's a hobby that I've always wanted to be able to do.
No, I would not even if I could. The second music or playing guitar becomes "work" to me, as in I'm required to entertain people in a regular basis and am expected to make music for their enjoyment (in order to make money), I would probably quit. Unless I was given a large sum or money up front of course with no strings attached :P
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The way I see it is that there will be famous musicians and bands in the future. Someone has to fill those shoes. It could be you, it might not be you. The only way you'll know is if you try.

Wow, that is EXACTLY how I feel about it too. Very well said. I think I might even sig that.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

First, I'm sort of making a living working in radio, an intertwined industry with music. Not a lucrative amount of money by any means, but I make enough to cover my low monthly expenditures on bills and necessities and such, with money left over to get myself drunk when I want to and buy equpiment needs.

In this day in age, the old ideal of being in a "big band" is pretty much dead. There are so many outlets and genres and subgenres of music that the term of being a "big band" has changed.

I think it's completely possible, and maybe even more likely in some cases compared to past decades, to be a band that can get a cult-like following and make some decent money recording and doing some touring. This hold true for me even more if a band has the ability to keep most of the money coming in liquid. Also, becoming a band who's well known and has a good draw in even a few regions could be quite a worthwhile and money-making cause.

Not to toot my own horn but I feel like what my band and many others at the moment are doing "business" wise is the way to go for most bands in the current age:
1) Everyone have a reasonably flexible schedule for practicing and recording and a steady source of income (ie. a JOB). A must.
2) Have the ability to record on your own and get a quality product.
3) Market yourself out online, via forums and social media.
4) Distribute via the web (ie. bandcamp)
5) Play gigs locally/regionally as much as possible in good venues to get your name out there and make money for the band fund.
6) Put money into the band fund, at least HALF from every gig, if not more. (Goes hand in hand with everyone having a "real" job/ source of income.)
7) Get merch in REASONABLE quantities at reasonable prices.
For instance, my band just got our first order of Tee Shirts. We paid just under 200 bucks for 30 shirts with our logo on the front. We have most of them gone in one week. We'll be making roughly $100 bucks in profit and have more than enough money to get more shirts.
We'll be doing the same thing with our CD's when it's time to get them pressed. For $100 of them we just got a quote to get them duplicated with full color CD labelling and Sleeved, shrinkwrapped packaging and a UPC code for just over $250 bucks. Providing we move them all, we'll be literally making hundreds in profits that will go directly into the band fund.

If you have the means, it's much easier for an independent band to make some headway, gain fans and make some money in the process if you manage yourselves right.

Also, I must admit we are lucky sons-of-bitches to have access to a practice/recording studio for free and an RV for any touring/travelling purposes at no cost to us.

To wrap up, I think becoming that big "next Zeppelin" kind of band is almost unattainable in modern times, but I feel like the internet and modern recording technology has opened up more opportunities for independent bands to make it somewhere.
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Not really aiming for it but if it happens then good.

Either way music will be a permanent part of my life. Making my own songs is good enough for me