Hi guys i successfully adjusted the truss rod on my esp viper standard series guitar at 0.1mm and now i want to adjust the action of the Tune-o-matic bridge. i want to know i which height i must have the Tune-o-matic. Please help it's really important!
It's all preference.
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You MUST have the Tune-o-matic at the height you want to put it at. Some people like to push the string down half an inch in order to fret it, and some people like their action so low that the guitar plays itself. Its all up to you dude. A lot of people like to put it as low as they can without getting fret buzz. But theres no rule about it.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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the average action heights at the 12th freight are around 4/64 to 8/64ths of an inch. (i use 64ths as measurements because its easy to read a ruler with 64ths on it at the 12th fret)
oh and something else. when i measure the height at the 12th fret i must not push any fret or set up a capo.... is that right?