So I recently got a big muff and what is there to play with it other than white stripes stuff
Epiphone Sheraton 2
Takamine Jasmine J33?
60's J bass copy (trying to sell or trade)
fender mustang 1
Victoria Regal II
big muff
seed of life overdrive

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Anything you bloody well please.
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Denny Crane.

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Lots of Muff on Pink Floyd's The Wall. A Ram's head Muff to be precise.
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Wolfmother comes to mind for some reason.
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Mudhoney. They named an album after it.

But really, it's a pretty good fuzz for the price and a lot of bands have used it. I use mine to play anything from Muse to Nirvana to 60s psychedelia. Just play around with it and your amp settings and you can get a lot of different sounds out of it.
Muse, as has been said already
Queens of the Stone Age, especially their earlier stuff
Desert Sessions (maybe, dont know what gear they use exactly)

There's a lot more, but my memory decides to leave me again. Damn, I'm a student and already suffering from dementia.
John Frusciante (ex-RHCP) was a user of the muff for some of his RHCP solo tones. Can't think which ones at the moment though...