I have a 5150 212 combo and a blackheart little giant (with effects loop)

I really want to be able to make mesa sounds and orange sounds as well. i have considered the fender vibro champ as well (and the orange cr12)

I like both of those, but I am considering an rp1000 to replace the 5150 (as i am not able to play it where it "sounds good" anyway.)

how do you like the orange/mesa 3rec/5150 II sounds?

Obviously they will not be the same, but are they faithful enough of a recreation to noodle and enjoy?
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It's an unanswerable question. No matter how close you get to a sound it's still debateable whether it's close enough. And a lot depends on the amp you're playing it through. And your ability to tweak the multifx. IMO I'd rather have a Pod HD500. I have an RP1000 but I bought it used for $225 and there were no HD500's around for close to that price.

The nice thing about the RP1000 is the loops that allow you to include ext pedals in the chain. It's versatile, but if you're paying full price you might want to consider the much more powerful HD500.
The Triple Rec is flubby. I prefer the Dual Rec model.
The 5150 sounds quite nice, but its not a replica.
Never played the Orange one much.

Treat the RP like a unique multiple channel amp in a box, you'll be rewarded. Ask for a faithful replica, prepare for disappointment. I say this of any MFX save the Axe Fx and the Eleven Rack.

Here are some sound samples of my 500-
Mostly Dual Recto, with a bit of AC30.
EDIT: Turn up your volume.
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i have had the rp1000 for over a week now and have spent many many hours tweaking and playing.

the rectofiers are very usable. no, none of the models are replicas. i have an original 5150 212 combo and the 5150 model is FANTASTIC!!! it seems like they spent much longer on it than the orange model. the orange is intensely gritty and there is no way to clean it up very much although there are plenty of good clean amp models.

the fender amps sound great.

I do have a couple of complaints. the volume knobs are not as responsive as a normal tube amp. it is not as quick to clean up when rolling the volume back and the volume does not drop nearly as much. i find a volume of 6 really sounds best as a high gain sound and makes it easier to roll down to the 1-2 volume required to clean up a lower gain setting on the models.

Also there is a sizzle sound on most of the high gain models (barely there on the 5150 interestingly.) it sounds fine on mesa amps, but on others it seems artificial and unwanted. it can mostly be tuned out.

recording to system does not maintain the same tone. i record at the highest settings and the tone from the rp1000 headphones to my giant JVC headphones sounds great. If i play back to those same headphones through either the rp1000 or the sound card, it sounds weak. flat. it is also much less loud. in fact, when recording i have to have my headphones 1/2 on my ears because it is to loud and i have to have it that loud to get the recording volume up high enough that software amplification isnt required (to keep down the signal to noise)

i am a newbie. some of these problems could be me doing it wrong. take it with a grain of salt. i just want to add to the info out there.

any input is appreciated!
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