I'm a huge fan of Brendon Urie and he's one of my favourite vocalists, the thing is, his voice is almost pitch perfect all the time on every note, obviously on records, a lot of artist use pitch-correction/autotune of some sort, but I'm trying to see whether he does so live as well?


in this video in particular, at around 3:26?

'Thats ri-ght well I may have faked it'

I 'THINK' there might be a glimpse of auto-tune correcting his pitch? otherwise I haven't spotted it on any of their tunes. (In normal singing parts)

does anyone know if panic at the disco do use any live or more importantly acoustic?

long story short: autotune at 3:26? does panic use autotune?

I recon you're right on the money there. Though that was in 2006/7 maybe he doesnt anymore.
Its a shame thier wasnt another album like pretty odd, the new albums a little dissapointing.