I'm a huge fan of Brendon Urie and he's one of my favourite vocalists, the thing is, his voice is almost pitch perfect all the time on every note, obviously on records, a lot of artist use pitch-correction/autotune of some sort, but I'm trying to see whether he does so live as well?


in this video in particular, at around 3:26?

'Thats ri-ght well I may have faked it'

I 'THINK' there might be a glimpse of auto-tune correcting his pitch? otherwise I haven't spotted it on any of their tunes. (In normal singing parts)

does anyone know if panic at the disco do use any live or more importantly acoustic?

long story short: autotune at 3:26? does panic use autotune?

it does sound like its run through auto tune, but its not slammed. you have to listen really closely for it. for what its worth he's singing the parts pretty well but it sounds like they're running it through auto tune to get that perfect "dead on" sheen. i personally don't like auto tune live but for the purposes of recording for reproduction/distribution i understand why its used.
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its sounds pretty heavily compressed, if auto-tune was used it wasn't dimed
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pretty much everything these days is auto tuned. and i dont mean that in the sense that some people use it, ie to claim there is no talent in the music industry today. fact is, its just a lot easier to work with. its easier and faster to correct the pitch than to do take after take. and people use it live too. personally i think thats stupid but i understand why. if its getting filmed, you want it to be the best right? or what if you have an off night? again, i think its lame and thats all part of the live experience but im sure we all wish we were picture perfect all the time and if you were given the option to be that way, and at this level in the industry, im sure many of us would cave into it.
Yeah, i do think he sings the song so well, that it's barely noticable when auto-tune fixes notes, so I was hoping it's at least at holding notes which is where his voice really shines.

I know what you mean blind, I don't personally mind it being used in studio takes, especially if the vocalists do a million takes a day and you can't help it if your voice wears out.
Using it live is more controversial like you said, some people wanna see an 'organic' performance and sometimes a break or raspy edge to the voice comes out to be nice haha, but yeah, no-one wants a total off night if you're playing a full set and you just have no vocals at the end.

Thanks for your opinions everyone

P.S sorry about the double post thread, I wasn't sure where to put it since it's about a band and recording :/ How do i delete a thread?
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I have wondered this in the past a little bit, having heard this particular DVD a few times and noticing how bang on perfect his vocals are throughout.

I'd say they did some pitch correction on it, how much it's difficult to say. I have heard just him and a guitar before and he never really seems to have pitch problems, so I'd agree with most of the other posters in saying that any "autotune" used would have to be minor.