I'm a huge fan of Brendon Urie and he's one of my favourite vocalists, the thing is, his voice is almost pitch perfect all the time on every note, obviously on records, a lot of artist use pitch-correction/autotune of some sort, but I'm trying to see whether he does so live as well?


in this video in particular, at around 3:26?

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I 'THINK' there might be a glimpse of auto-tune correcting his pitch? otherwise I haven't spotted it on any of their tunes. (In normal singing parts)

does anyone know if panic at the disco do use any live or more importantly acoustic?

long story short: autotune at 3:26? does panic use autotune?

Hard to say. It does sound very auto-tune like, but I've heard his voice during acoustic sets/showcases without a mic and he tends to have that kind of quality to his voice, so it may just be his voice.
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Nope. I'm pretty sure there's no auto-tune there. Generally I can hear A: the slightly lower-fidelity quality of pitch-shifted audio, no matter how good the software, and B: an odd tone to the sibilants and such--the parts of the voice that you don't really control. Even on professionally produced tracks, recorded under tightly controlled conditions. That has no such artifacts. So I'm betting no auto-tune.
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There is more than likely pitch correction on his voice. Everyone uses it in the studio. I don't have fast enough internet right now to stream it, but its very possible he is a good enough vocalist to get close to the note and the pitch correction was set up good. If you are careful with pitch correction it can sound very good (usually a slow-medium attack and turning it off during slides and vibratos helps if the singer is good).

I am assuming the link is Panic At The Disco (Like I said net to slow to stream) if that is the case its very very very likely pitch correction was used because I have heard it in their music before and they are a "pop" rock band. With that said the guy is a good vocalist, so it could make the pitch correction hard to notice.

EDIT: I see you said its a live video now...so disregard everything I said above...since I can't hear it...
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Appreciate the opinions everyone

He does have a phenomenal voice and even in acoustic shows (from what I've seen on youtube) like you said, he usually hits most of the notes without any changes, and pretty solidly I might add.

It's just a shock hearing someone sing all those notes so spot on, especially when you're trying to cover it haha.

haha, don't worry bout it firehawk, it's a shame about the edit :') lol, but yeahh I definitely agree with you on the studio part, most bands, if not all use a pitch correction, even the most unexpected, like good ol' john mayer.
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I don't know if they did it with this video but with some live vids, they do a lot of post live processing on it. I've been to concerts where the vocals were just meh then saw a pro vid live on youtube where the vocals were spot on. Just a thought
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Almost every live performance of any professional band now is tuned in post-processing. There's no way to avoid it really.
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i think theres a touch of it

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