The album (due to be released tomorrow) has leaked on Youtube. I listened to it and I think it's pretty amazing. This isn't "Old" In Flames, but it definitely is a very good record.

The best songs in my opinion are All For Me, Ropes, The Attic, Deliver Us and the album-titled track (and the rest of the album, for that matter), but there is no really bad song, the worst probably being "Jester's Door" (in the vein of Your Bedtime Story...)

Share your thoughts about the album! I'm probably gonna buy it when it comes out.
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I saw the tracks up and gave a few a listen and I thought they were awful. Then I listened through a pair of decent headphones instead of my tinny laptop speakers and thought it was pretty great! Some songs are just a bit too radio-friendly, though. My favourites were Darker Times and Where Dead Ships Dwell
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Love Ropes, Deliver Us, Darker Times and Where The Dead Ships Dwell. It sounds quite different from Mirror's Truth tho, but it's good!
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