i am looking for an auto wah pedal my budget is about £100 max but if i can get them cheap i'd like to look into picking up a reverb pedal to if possible, i play everything from metal to rock, funk to reggae, etc so what can you reecommend, bearing in mind... i'm batman....
I'm selling an ernie ball wah in the gear ads forum. Also, an auto wah is usually known as an envelope filter.
I'm selling an ernie ball wah pedal. Buy my ernie ball wah pedal.
Wah pedal.

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An auto wah and envelope filter are two different things. The filter in an auto wah is time based, were as in an envelope filter the filter is adjusted by the level of the signal passing through the unit i.e. the harder you play the more pronounced the effect is.
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Man... an auto-wah on that budget is gonna be tough...

At the top of your budget the MXR Auto Q (or something to that effect (lol pun)) is a decent pedal... lotsa funn stuff. The Boss AW-3 is nice too and IIRC has different inputs for bass and guitar... on your budget, those are probablt the best bets... Guyatone makes some good pedals on the cheap... they have a few versions of their 'Wah Rocker' pedal, but i haven't used these, personally.

On the reverb side...

I am a HUGE reverb fan... i've owned and played a TON of them... and my HONEST opinion... for bass, i preffer a delay pedal with a quick delay and decay to taste... it just responds better on bass.

But, if you want a reverb... the ones that have sounded better:

-Malekko Chicklet
-Boss RV-7
-Digitech Digiverb
-Danelectro Spring King
-EHX Holy Grail (i hate it, but everyone else seems to like it)

If you DO go delay...

-Akai Headrush E2
-Line6 DL-4
-Boss DD-3, DD-6, or DD-7
-Digitech Digidelay
-Guyatone MD-3
-MXR Carbon Copy
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