hi,i'm an intermediate player,addict to exercises and my teacher always blames me that i don't play any songs just playing exercises from books,now i want to start covering songs and my favorite style are andy james instrumental songs but unfortunately no tab book for them,so please can anyone suggest some songs in that style to me?

another question:i'm really afraid of putting away guitar exercises(sweep-alternate-legato...)all of them that i categorized to play and play the songs instead ,so will this reduce my playability? do all guitar players put away playing mechanical exercises after one or two years and just play songs?my teacher says from now your exercise part must be with purpose and i must find my weak pionts and develop them and covering songs instead of close my eyes and just play repetitive exercises for 3 years!

i want to put all my energy this summer and really improve,i don;t know how to do,maybe pick 4-5 challenging songs and pratice them over and over?
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It´s diffrent from people to people. Some play exercises to get technique up to a level where they can actully attempt (note that word) the songs they would like to play. Others learn progressively more difficult songs and build up technique from there.

If you want to learn songs, learn songs. If you find you have problem with something, lets take string-crossing while alternate picking for an example, you do isolate that problem and make an exercise for it and practice that exercise + the part from the song you are working on.

It works great.

Good luck man, happy practiceing this summer!
You can always figure out his stuff by watching the youtube vids, good for your ears and technique.

Also, this is seriously not the forum for this. Check 80s Rock, Shred and Progressive and the recommends in the chat thread.

Personally, I suggest checking out Joe Satriani for some playable guitar instrumentals, possibly Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan too.