I recently bought a Squier Jazzmaster. As I expected, the single coil pickups produce quite some hum when I am not touching the strings or bridge, especially with the gain turned up. The guitar has concentric tone/volume pots for both pickups and to my surprise, I noticed that there is still a lot of hum coming from the guitar if I turn the volume knob all the way down. When I touch the strings or bridge this hum cancels just like when the volume is turned all the way up. I never experienced that with any other guitar I have played.
I suspect bad wiring somewhere but I don't know where I could find the problem. Any ideas?
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When your not touching the strings, it's normal for single coils to buzz, it's called 60 cycle hum, when you touch the strings, there will still be some hum, but considerable less. Passive pickup guitars ground through your body, when the ground wire is broke, then the guitar cannot ground, thus causing excessive buzzing even with the volume all the way down.

It's prolly either a loose ground, or your amp just hums alot.
It's not the amp. Because I only have this problem with the JM. The peculiar thing is that the hum with the volume turned down is different from the hum with the volume turned up. It's kind of lower, like a growl. I wil probably remove the pickguard and check the wiring. The resistance between the two points where the ground wire is broken should be infinite right?
A spot of cointreau should galvanize the occasion