Aloha everybody,

Long story short I'm going to be moving to Perth in about a month, and I will also be going to Uni in either Perth or Brisbane (maybe Melbourne).

So my question to the Aussies and those who live in Australia is, what is the music scene like in these areas/how hard is it to join or form a band there?

Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated as I know bugger all about the music scene in Australia.

So thank you in advance to those who wish to help out a fellow musician
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Not having an basis for comparison, it's hard to say.

I'd say there's not a great facility for actually finding other musicians to play with, but there's no real shortage of them. I would also say that if that's your interest, Melbourne would by far be your best bet. Why the hell would you want to live in WA?

Gumtree.com is a decent resource for searching for bandmates. There are regional variants for most major cities.
oooohhh maaaaatteee perths music scene is orgasmic, no shiz.

all summer long theres heaps of festivals, theres live music venues everywhere, theres busking just about anywhere you go. perths music scene is honestly the best ive ever seen!

And ive lived in perth, california, and minnesota
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