Ok so Jesper Strömblad, Marco Aro (The Haunted, Face Down), Glenn Ljungström (In Flames, Dimension Zero), Alex Losbäck Holstad (Despite, Decameron, Cardinal Sin) and Chris Barkensjö (Carnal Forge). have started a new band, called "The Resistance". I'm personally a HUGE fan of Dimension Zero and The Haunted (also, who hasn't loved early IF at some point). I think One Kill Wonder is one of the best metal albums out there so I'm really looking forward to hearing from these guys.

Not much has been released yet, except for a short clip. Check out their blog, or the more outlander-friendly Facebook page.

Inspired by At The Gates, Dimension Zero, The Black Dahlia Murder etc.


Swedish Melodic Death Metal

Debut album The Disclosure available for free listening at
Facebook and Spotify

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