Hi this is my 1st post here, I am Tony I live in Warrington, UK. Been playing guitar for over 20yrs and I am a massive Maiden fan. For this cover I made the backer with Frutyloops 9, EZDrummer, and Spectrasonic Trilogy, the midi was taken from a GP4 file. I then recorded the guitars via a Behringer USB adaptor into Amplitube3 onto Adobe Audition 1.5. I hope you like it and thanks for taking the time too read this and too listen.

Tony4552 - Abduction
Thank you very much, I will work on the areas you suggested, critique makes you realise your mistakes thanks again, just about too listen to your Priest cover
yea mate, it sounds pretty good, I think the first guy reviewed it pretty much spot on..The solo sounded good and loud to me...

Im not familiar with this tune, but you seem to of done it justice..

great effort
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