Here's two guitar covers I did. I'm covering Pounce Bounce by Dance Gavin Dance and All Bodies by Between the Buried and Me.

Pounce Bounce

All Bodies

I managed to learn Pounce Bounce by ear a few weeks ago. Most of it sounds pretty good, the solo starting at 1:38 was tough to figure out and I'm sure it's not 100%.

The BTBAM song was tough to learn. The parts starting at 3:30 were really difficult to play and I'm still not as good at playing it as I want to be, but overall, it's a fun song. Easy if you want to learn some BTBAM.

Any comments and critiques are appreciated.
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I prefered the 2nd tune too the 1st but they own, I love the DK2M aswell bruv
Great playing on both songs man, and its great that u learned them by ear. Really don't have anything critical to say about any of the covers, except in all bodies i would have turned the volume of the track down a little so we could here your guitar playing a little more clearly. Other than that i think u did awesome so, keep it up!
Good playing, you executed both songs well. I didn't really like the first song, but some more vibrato here and there would be nice, to make it more alive. The second song looks pretty hard and you played it well, no major mistakes there man.
Hey man!

Well, I really liked the DGD cover man, it was very sweet, but your BTBAM cover totally blown me away. I didn't see something wrong with your playing, I think you nailed it. You showed some great technique and your tone was allright to me. Nice job!