Ok, so my AudioChoice QM4, mic preamp started making this low end buzz, which it wasn't before. The power chord ground prong snapped off in my power strip, so I cut the cable end off and replaced it with a new one from an old mixer board, and now it's buzzing. I even used some other power cables I had lying around and still the same buzz. I've plugged it in in various places and separated it from any other interference and still it buzzes.

Strangest thing is, that once I plug the power cable in, having a cable plugged into the line out going into my computer, with the amp off, the buzz starts. So it's sending power through the amp and causing a buzzing noise with the amp off through the line out of the amp...

Idk what happened. It wasn't doing this when I was using the cable with the broken ground prong....I have no idea what it could be...blown fuse? Faulty filter cap or something?

Any ideas?
When I used to plug my amp and other sound equipment into the same power strip as my PC I used to get a lot of added noise. Idk if that helps. Good luck.