The title says it all, how are the new Hagström guitars? I am quite skeptical about them since they are made in china and have this mystical fretboard wood that Hagström simply refers to as "resonator wood", creepy.
i've used 4 new hagstroms in my time, a super swede, a viking, an ultra swede and an XL-5. they are all great guitars. i own and regularly play over my am strat the super swede and viking, the ultra was my mates and i sold the XL-5 (the neck was too thin for me).

the swede is very dark and has a huge sound, the viking absolutely rocks, its crisp and clear and is awesome for rock and dirty blues.

i do however have some trouble with the volume and tone pots on the viking, the volume does very little until around 3 and the tone just makes it muddy.

the necks are very nice to play on and i never have to adjust the truss rod.
for the price you pay these are great guitars.
I haven't played a Hagström yet, but have been in contact with them on their Facebook page concerning the Super Swede, Viking and their new Deuce model. Especially the last one really appeals to me, but they say it won't be available until the end of July to the beginning of August.

Their costumer service has been phenomenal. I don't even have a Hagström yet and they will answer all your questions in detail. And I've hear no horror stories about the guitars yet. If you can, try some out in a shop.
How is the feel and quality of the "resonator fretboard"?

This Viking in a tobacco sunburst finish is really smexy.
I have a Hagstrom F300(Strat) and it is AWESOME! I think the resonator tone wood thing is just marketing mumbo jumbo. Its pretty much a plain old rosewood fretboard. Overall these are really good quality guitars and they're pretty cheap too.
i've tried one, i think. just about what you'd expect for the money. a decent guitar, but it's not exactly likely to blow you away either.
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