...have controls on them for adjusting frequencies?
A bit like how a strat works with the tone knobs, i suppose
So yeah, are there any wah pedals that do that? A bit of tone shaping so you can have a bit of variety with your sound and such
I like the looks of that... will have to try it out before i'd consider buying it tho for that price
i have tried the RMC's, def worth the cash.

i use a fulltone clyde deluxe, has 3 different types of wahs and has a trim pot to adjust sweet spot but it is also on the pricey side.
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Afaik the Dunlop 535Q Crybaby has something like that and is one of the better Dunlops. It's one of the more expensive Dunlops but I'm sure still cheaper than a RMC.

The Dimebag Crybaby also has something similar, I think that model is more or less a 535Q anyways though.
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