Hey guys, recorded a new song. Not the best quality in the world and pretty simple. It was inspired by EODM but probay doesnt sound like it . No solo as of yet, there are also some weird buum buum sounds sometimes. No idea how those got in, probaly stepped on the mic cable. C4C ofcourse!


* start is very soft, dont turn up your volume to hard.
nice stuff, but at the first time it changes to the second riff sound a little off to me.

but maybe that's only me, other than that, if you later could add a solo and some bass lines to make it sound more "dense", I think it could be a lot better.

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/andras67/ I would really appreciate some feedback for my little composition for piano thanks.
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do you wanna hear a little piano composition I have just made?, I promise it don't totally sucks, you can hear it on my profile, any feedback would be really appreciated -C4C
Posted Crit on your profile, loved it! Thanks for your crit aswel!