On Friday October 21 Roger Daltrey will be in Oakland performing Tommy.
On Thursday October 20 the Foo Fighters will be in Sacramento.
I can't see both so which should I see?
The Who are one of my favorite bands of all time but it is only Roger Daltrey doing it and he is a bit old, I don't how good he is anymore.
I do like the Foo Fighters, out of the few bands of the past 2 decades that I like the Foo Fighters are among my favorite of them.
I live in Sacramento so it would be a lot less of a drive to see the Foo Fighters.
So which one should I see?
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Always see the old guy, he might die soon and you'll never get to see him.

Ya, I was kinda thinking that. I like the Who way more than Foo Fighters and even if it's only Daltrey its the most Who I'm ever gonna see. And Foo Fighters will probably be back in Sacramento sometime in the future. If I don't see them it's not the end of the world.
yeah the old guy. Imma have to hit up that show too...
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Broken nose at a Skindred show and a chipped tooth at As I Lay Dying...

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nice. and brutal.
Yeah. I'm hopin I can go. Be an awesome show. Missed Waters doin The Wall. D: So I'd really like to see this. Least if it doesn't come through I have something to fall back on.