Hi! ... I need a microphone. Specifically one that works well with all instruments, but primarily for electric guitar. I don't know much about microphones though, so I thought this would be a good place to ask. I usually use a moderate amount of distortion, and a bit of delay and reverb, in case that factors into picking the microphone I'll need. I don't exactly have a specific price range, but I'd like to keep it on the not-going-to-need-another-job-to-pay-for-this side of the pricing spectrum.

Any suggestions?
The Shure SM57 is a staple.
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Yeah I agree with above. Shure SM57 or another one of my favs is a Sennheiser E906
Might as well get a 57. They're handy to have around and do pretty good on amps. Sennheiser makes a few specific for amps, and the MD421 is another excellent amp mic. A 57 will be the cheapest.
Either Shure Sm57 or a Sennhieser e609
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Will I need any kind of audio processing equipment, or interface, or anything like that?
If you plan on recording, you will need an audio interface, a means of playback (studio reference monitors or flat response headphones,) a microphone (clearly,) and a digital audio workstation such as Reaper.
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