I like to clean my rosewood fretboard with a soft cloth (nothing is applied to the fretboard before wiping) after I play it for awhile and am concerned with what is coming off when I try to rub the buildup of junk that begins to surface. Once I rub the "junk" off I look at the cloth and I am self conscious that I am rubbing off the finish.I clean it often as in every day and I end up with my cloth getting darker and darker. I could just be paranoid but I don't know much when it comes to these situations. Am i rubbing too hard? Should I not rub the junk off without applying a conditioner or something? Is this natural for a rosewood fretboard?
Is an acoustic? I've seen a lot of black paint on those
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i didnt think rosewood fretboards had a finish on them...
it shoudl be fine dude

just curious what are you using to clean the fret board as in what kind of conditionr or hwatever?
It is an electric guitar, but my acoustic, which also has a rosewood fretboard, give me the same thing and "finish" was probably the wrong word.. I am not applying any conditioner or anything for that matter. I am just rubbing the soft cloth that came with a guitar cleaning kit against the fretboard right after a playing session.
well does it change the color any? Do you wash your hands before you play?

Could just be dirt dust or oil. Its probably that dirty

I use wd 40 on my guitars works great but spot test it first, If the finish is linseed oil I think your supposed to re oil it every 6 to 9 months but i dont know, I wouldnt apply wd 40 to that.
I use lemon oil when I change the strings on one of my guitars - a couple of drops along each fret, and then a light gentle rubbing...then I air dry it, gives a little moisture to the fretboard. then I carefully scrape the surface with the edge of an old credit card or something non- abraisive.

By the way I own a music store and do all the pro setups in my area. I've probably done 1000 of them by now. I learned a lot of what I do, by studying a guy that I respect, Dan Erlewine.

Those marks came from the strings, believe it or not. There's no issue there.


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