So with a quick search I found that there was no thread on The Joy Formidable in A&I, so I thought I'd make one. They released their first full length album "The Big Roar" this year, and I have to say it's definitely in my top 5 for 2011. The only way I can describe the sound is if you took Sonic Youth, cut out a lot of the drone-ish stuff, added in a bit of a jam band mentality, and gave it a nice upbeat feel with a bit of pop sensibility... Plus Ritzy Bryan their guitarist has a hot rails in her strat, so it seems like she actually knows what she's doing tone-wise.

Since I can't give a decent description, I'll just post some links:


The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie
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Bro. I effing love this band. I just saw them in Pittsburgh. Great show, they blew the doors off the place.
IMO they are one of the last great original guitar bands of today. They combine rock, pop, shoegaze, alternative, and electronic music in the best ways possible.

Another thing i love about em is the fact that their frontwoman Ritzy Bryan is a "chick with a guitar", but it doesn't come across as a gimmick at all.
It totally is exploited at times. I call it rocker inflation. The world of electric guitar playing is primarily male-dominated, yes? So any chick who picks up an electric guitar is instantly hotter, due to the lack of females in the sport. So as a result, I have noticed some people who fancy taking advantage of said phenomenon... The same goes for men who join bands simply to get laid lol. But Ritzy Bryan just looks like she belongs on stage with an axe, like it chose her. there's just some legitimacy to it that I at least can't deny.
i really really need to see them live, the big roar is one of my favorite albums
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