It's NGD for me, an i happen to come home an see this

in my room. Hmmm I wonder what's inside? Let's take a look shall we.

Here is what happened to be in the box?

but what kind of Schecter is this?

It's a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FTW . I one day happen to see this guitar on the web, and i looked at tone's of review's and video's on this an fell in love with this guitar. I love the feel an sound of this, it feel's so much better then my first guitar.
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Dude, I was planning on getting a hellraiser too (except in black with a floyd rose).
But this thread is kind of making me think otherwise.

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The white look's amazing in person. The sound I get from his is wonderful an fit's me very well. It's not heavy the fret's feel great an easy to get to. It just feel's perfect in every way to me.
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nice dude
just wondering are both of those emgs tappable?(pun intended)

Yes. You can tap one at a time or both if you want. This thing sound's great covering TDWP . I don't think I'll ever need another guitar now, but if I do it's gonna be Schecter.
I'll upload something tomorrow it's to late now lol, I didn't get home until 9 at night.
Hellraisers are bad MOFOs, but an old "friend" of mine used to have one, and kinda killed them for me. Still, no matter how bad I want to, I will never be able to dis on the mad playability of them.

It's a sweet axe dude. Happy new guitar day.
haha looks like evryone and their mother are buying schecters in America.
believe me in your guitar playing ears you will play other good brands and maybe liek another more you can't say thats the only you need if it's the only you know!

HNGD ; )
I had almost forgot how beautiful the hellraisers are. Nice guitar man.
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Beautiful guitar! HNGD
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My thoughts also.

Looks like a nice guitar, but the abalone was a bit too saucy for me.
I like it it alot. It's my first decent guitar. If I had to pick one thing about it I like the most, it would be how fast an easy the fretboard is. My finger's just glide over the fret's.
congrats bro, anything by schecter is generally good
I like shotguns. thats all you need to know
HNGD! I have the black one and it sounds amazing for Jeremy DePoyster rhythms and such and Metallica stuff with the emg's. Great for ADTR too. But, I love that it can play anything on it.
Sweet looking guitar!

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I love how it can anything really. There is so much this guitar has to offer it's wonderful. I have gotten a great sound for metallica and black sabbath so far as well. I haven't tried drop tune's yet but I will.