I just bought a Marshall haze 15 stack. I was trying a couple pedals I have with it as a boost. One was a digitech rp255 and the other a boss PW10 from a buddy. Every thing worked fine, when I swapped the pedals. Then I wanted to go straight in so I shut off the power waited a few seconds and plugged my guitar straight in. No sound. I can hear the hiss of the gain channel but no matter what I do there is only a hint of volume, and it does not get any louder when I turn the volume up on the amp. Clean or dirty.
I tried differant gutiars different cables, foot switch on and off.

I just unplugged the footswitch and tried it and got a squeel like a stuck pig WTF is wrong?
The shotclock ran out?

No jk, the guitar cable is plugged all the way in?

Sorry gotta ask.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
you might have blown a tube.
look in the back and see if they are glowing properly. if your not sure you can always snap a pic and show us.
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Looks like the tubes are all glowing. I have 2 6v6 tubes and 2 smaller tubes that are the preamp I assume. The preamp tubes are glowing much more than the other two(I am a noob to tubes) I can post a pic if you give me a heads up as to how to do it.