Hello All,

I just recently recorded my third composition on guitar! I would love some feedback on what you guys think of it so far. It's pretty much done, however; there is some minor work to be done.

You can listen here:http://soundcloud.com/joxtraex/concentric-circles-of-sadness

Link yours and i'll listen as well!

Rock on,

Sorry about that, the encoding of the forums took the sanitization of the link literally and removed the stuff lol! However; it works now!
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Oops! Looks like we cannot find that page! Did you try to access a private track but were not logged in?
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It has a nice cruisy vibe and showing off your chops.

However it's lacking a melody or recurring theme, it's just one big solo and that can get pretty boring quickly.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
its got a good melodic base and i can't really fault it except for the very end, it didn't seem to go off into a natural finish, i was expecting a big finish but it kinda just petered out a bit. Also in the part where you drop down the fretboard it was a little muddy, but thats to be expected

a nice mellow track though
Love the feel of this track. I found myself staring out my window for the whole first minute lol. I liked the clean guitar tone with the delay and reverb and stuff, the lead tone was nice too. I think the track could have built up more and progressed further, i was expecting some light drums or something to come in however it was the same all the way through. Anyway it's not really an issue, just what i'd have done with the track. I'd say it's really good overall, IMO it would serve perfectly as like an intro track or an interlude.

- Jim
Thank you all for your feedback, really appreciate it! I would love to work in drums, however; I just don't know how unfortunately. If anyone could provide some guidance on how I could effectively introduce them and learn to harness their sound digitally that would be a great start .

Also been hearing that I could build up the solo a lot more. Could anyone provide some information on what you're aiming for? Would help me understand what you'd like to see, for my fourth track when I start working on it!
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Hey JoxTraex! Just stopping by because you were wondering about the drums and how you could include them in your song(s). We use an electronic drum set that is plugged straight into the computer and record that way, but drum sets tend to be a bit pricey. So the cheapest ways are through drum programs like BeatCraft. I used that for all my drum needs for awhile and it's very easy to use and program just because you can choose what kind of cymbals or percussive sounds hit on every beat.

I've also heard that people have made backing tracks using Guitar Pro, but I'm not sure how one would go about doing that.

Just some ideas for you just in case you weren't aware of them. Continue making music and send some of your new material our way. We'd be glad to listen to it for you!

-Brendan & Jimmy
Hey, thanks for the feedback on mine.

I like this track a lot! I agree with the other guy -- I was waiting for David Gilmour to come in haha. The only thing I'm not real keen on is the fast delay on the lead (particularly at the beginning). It sort of takes away from the spacey vibe set by the sweet clean chords. Other than that, it's good man! It would benefit from some percussion, but that's not really your fault.

If you have a Mac, I use GarageBand for drums. It's MIDI, so you can arrange them without actually playing on a kit, and it's more powerful than GuitarPro. If you can be bothered (I can't) going in and changing individual note velocities, EQ'ing and adding effects then you can get a pretty human-sounding performance.

Keep it up man.
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I really like this kind of music, it's so relaxing.
You did a really good job, i'm trying to compose something like this myself.
But yours is really good^^
Sometimes it's cool to go a bit louder, like Mogwai does.
Listening now! Loving the intro, very ethereal. Yep very cool and I hear some chops in there. It's hard to pick out though and 3 minutes in and I think it might not be leading up to anything .
I love the feel but it feels like and intro begging to go awesome Gilmore on me and doesn't. I know you can do it! Stop teasing me haha.

I'd throw in a nice bold riff after about 45 seconds I guess. It's a solid intro so it's okay to drag it out but it should accent a song rather than be a song.

Thanks for the crit! I hope that helped. Good tone too.
Quote by AlanHB
It has a nice cruisy vibe and showing off your chops.

However it's lacking a melody or recurring theme, it's just one big solo and that can get pretty boring quickly.

Exactly what I thought... Lacks a general theme. It's nice to listen to, but there's nothing in particular that I remember after listening to it. Good job though.
Hmm, a lacking general theme. Interesting, so I need to build a repetitive/evolving lick that should stick in your head.. that sounds interesting. I'll try to implement one in my next song when I create one. Thanks all for listening! and your feedback, much appreciated!
Over on the link you gave us, somebody commented, "I'm waiting for David Gilmour to walk in." That's way to describe it, and a fine compliment. I sparked one, while listening to your song. That's also a compliment, too. hahaha

Mellow and jello. I likey likey.

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