My guitar has been tuned to drop D for a while and i've been using 10 gauge strings. The strings i had on until recently were getting pretty old, so i went out and bought some new ones. I got some 11 gauge strings and replaced all the old strings with the new ones. My problem is that i cannot get the bridge to come even remotely close to parallel with the body of the guitar while in drop D. It moves waaaay towards the neck.

So my question is...

How do i keep the bridge level AND get mah guitar in tune??
Adjust the spring tension.
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Adjust the spring tension.

Tried it. Doesn't work. The bridge still moves away from the body.

edit: I am tightening the springs to pull the bridge down.
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Tried it. Doesn't work. The bridge still moves away from the body.

edit: I am tightening the springs to pull the bridge down.

You might have to do a full setup if a simple spring adjustment didn't fix it.
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How many springs do have on there? I've found with heavier gauge strings that sometimes you need to throw an extra spring on to balance things out.

i've got three springs on right now.
If you step it up to 4 springs, you will definitely need a full set-up of the guitar, adjust your neck relief... and likely your intonation as well.

Unless you wanted to switch to 11s, I think its just cheaper to dump the strings, go out and buy 10s. If you're gonna do that, you'll want to loosen the strings and release the tension on the neck.
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What i like to do is to block the tremelo from the inside. I take 6 1.5mm picks and wedge them between the block on the floyd rose and the wall of the guitar. On my guitar, that makes the bridge perfectly parallel to the body. Then I tune my guitar to whatever tuning I want. Then I tighten the springs until the guitar picks fall out of place, turn the guitar over so the picks fall out, then loosen the springs just a tiny bit, and the tremelo is perfectly parallel and in tune. I hope you understood this, because it works very well for me.
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