first attempt. I'm a prog metal guy at heart. Thought I'd give this a shot. I think it shows I'm a prog guy only cause it goes through 3 different genres. Only 4 minutes long. The synths are purpoesly off synced at some parts, not a timing error haha.


Just simply say if you liked it or not! Thanks. I'll listen to your song as well.
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im listening.
intro is good, drums are good, lol at sample hahahahahaha
the new synth is a little too happy for the drums at this point imo. you should change the drums here.
im liking the synth build.
hella dirty!!!!!
im interested to know what synth you used to get the high single long notes, it reminds me of population override by buckethead, the tone, lol@ario sample.
and i wana know what wobble synth you used, im loving it like micky ds, but if it was in n out burger hahahaha
that was really good!!!!
its only 1 minute and a half of wanking hahahaha everyones favourite thing to listen to, but on my soundcloud i have some dubsteppy songs, not very good though, im still messin with fruity loops