worked on this with some UG'ers a while back, just dug it up today and threw some more on. If more people wanna add more crazy stuff... I wanna get it around 5 minutes. I hope to record this beast eventually, but throw in whatever your heart desires, make this thing absolutely nuts.

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Is it possible to put it as a regular upload to the site or put it in a zip? Most people find that easier than clicking a link and might get more views.

sorry, but no. My computer doesnt upload to the UG server for some reason. People say this every time, and I have know idea why my computer doesnt do it. its annoying haha.
I loved this one so much.
We really should get this recorded, although it would probably take forever.
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I loved this one so much.
We really should get this recorded, although it would probably take forever.

Might not use this, I had a different kind of idea for the ending, but we'll see. I hope to record it eventually using midi bass, drums, and keys and just recording guitars. I'll let you and everyone else involved know when/if I do
Thanks for putting it in Zip.

Intro is good, And builds action nicely. The bass here is amazing.

So far my only problem is in 61 to 90 some of the themes are difficult to follow. The themes at 90 are awesome, and the delay is great.

As Huevos said, I also like how theres still a central piece despite it being constructed by multiple people.

154 is also great, interesting chord work here, and it transitions into 164 well, which is also another good section. I like the use of a previous section after, it adds some structure to this seemingly non repeating piece.

185 seems to break the feel in a negative way, along with the Djent section. It just seems to distract away from the rest of the piece too much. Good ending ATM though.

Overall, a very interesting and entertaining piece that I'd like to see finished.

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