I am currently looking to replace the strings on 3 of my acoustic guitars. one of them a jumbo, the other a mini jumbo, and the other an OM/000 style. I do mostly fingerstyle, think of Andy Mckee, Trace Bundy, and Erik Mongrain (although I am NO WHERE near as half as good as these guys). I was just wondering what would be the best set of strings for the price. I dont want to spend more than 8(?) per set. what do you guys think?
i dont know about best cause thats subjective but i use daddario phosphor bronze strings on my acoustics and i play alot of fingerstyle(and blues)
also they are about 7ish dollars a set if you buy them in single sets
Try some silk strings. If you are looking for a smooth sound, folk guitar, silkwound strings are awesome
You have several different-sized instruments that may require quite different strings to sound good.
Putting very light strings on a big jumbo might not be very satisfying; not enough energy to drive that big box. Most jumbos and dreadnaughts are designed around medium-gauge strings. Having the action adjusted properly can minimize playing effort.
Your smaller guitars may well handle lights very nicely and again many manufacturers of smaller-bodied instruments warn against anything heavier.
The D'Addario line is very good; I've used the phosphor bronze strings for many years. (about 25)
Silk-n-steel strings can work well on a light instrument, but may have a lack of tension and may require action/truss-rod adjustments.
hey thanks for the advice guys. I bough 6 strings (for now and for later) 3 small and three mediums. of the d'addario phosphor bronze.