hey guys.
ive an LTD v-401 guitar with EMG 81s but im a bit disappointed with the tone i get out of them
i also have an ENGL scremaer combo 50 watt.
i play old school thrash/death metal

Death, Obituary, megadeth(80s to rust in peace era), metallica(kill em, ride, puppets). with my EMG the gain i get out of engl is fine. i dont need more gain or less.


its like that for example.

i wanna have better lead sound and more old school at rythm guitar

i never use cleans so i dont really care

i heard about bareknuckle pickups, theyre cool but since ive no chance to try them i wouldnt like to risk it. i cant try any of them but seymour duncans or dimarzios are less expensive.

i need some passives this time.

i made some research and seymour duncans have

Seymour Duncan SH-6(Distortion)


Seymour Duncan SH-8(invader)

for bridge and seymour duncan 59 for leads.

i dont know a lot about dimarzios...i just know that Chuck Schuldiner used the x2n.

any ideas?
too hard? :/ thanks in advance
Change the 81 at the neck for a 85 and leave it active - classic metal setup .
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well i wanna go passive this time for some old school! i wanna go away from EMG :|

thanks anyway!
Sh-8 all the way. Btw, you might get yelled at for not posting this in the pickup thread. :p
*insert witty statement here*
oh i thought its in category "moding"!

sorry...i didnt know exactly where!

yeah...im european as u can see...my english are bad! :P

thanks for ur answers guys...
hard decision if u cant play any of them :|

just youtube videos and forum suggestions..thats not bad anyway