FT/FS(EU): Screwdriver, PisdiYAUwot, Brute Drive, SCOD, CrunchBox, pedalboard

Pedals are in perfect/mint condition, box, no velcro.

Prices including shipping and paypal.

Skreddy Screwdriver - 180 EUR
Emma PisdiYAUwot - 160 EUR
EWS Brute Drive - 140 EUR
Catalinbread Super Charged OD - 105 EUR
CrunchBox v2 - 85 EUR

ROCKCASE RC 23020A (80x50cm pedal area) - 65 EUR
exactly like this one:
Mine is in used condition, has some dings und dongs,
but closing Butterflies working w/o problems,
whole surface still covered with velcro etc.
I can do pictures when needed.
Shipping only inside EU due to size and weight.

My trade list is pretty much closed, but You can always try me...:
Skreddy Echo
Himmelstrutz Fitzo / Gramps+ / under OVER
XTS Atomic OD
Weehbo Morbid Drive
Goosonique Seventh Heaven