I bought my first Wah pedal not too long ago. I quickly realized that when I move the pedal up or down beyond a certain speed, I get a crackling noise. So, I opened it up and figured out I'm missing a part.

On the circuit board it's marked as C2. I wish I knew more about pedals and amps, but I have no clue. I saw a picture and the board is supposed to have three of the little cylinders sticking up, two bigger ones and the skinnier one, which I'm missing.

As far as I can tell, this is the only problem. The pedal still works, but the crackling just kills the sound when I try to use it.

So, how hard it would be to find the part and put it in?
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First, try emailing Dunlop. I got a Jekyll & Hyde from Visual Sound, looked at the included schematics, and thought I was missing a pot when I took a look at the guts of my pedal. On first glance, I'll say that you're an unintended victim of the "the rules and regulations are subject to change without notification." By their very nature, these issues can occur overnight. Get some peace of mind by asking the company, then follow whatever suggestions more knowledgeable members of the forum can give.
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sounds to me like the pot needs cleaning? i had an original crybaby which did exactly the same thing.... i took the bottom off it, gave the pot a good clean with contact cleaner and worked the pedal up and down for a bit, and the crackle had gone!
if need be, a replacement pot can be got off ebay for a few quid and job done! :-)

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did you buy this pedal new or used? +1 on crackling sounds being due to old/dirty pots. Either replace it or put some contact cleaner in there.

If it's otherwise functional, it's unlikely there are parts missing. That said, if you bought used, perhaps the previous owner modified it.
its the pot, they use the same PCB for multiple wahs
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C2 would probably be a capacitor of some sort, but as mentioned above, I bet they use the same circuitboard pattern for all of their wahs, and just switch out different caps and resistors depending on what wah type it is (classic, multi-wah, signature, etc). If it was missing a cap, the circuit would probably be incomplete and I doubt that the pedal would be functional; it mostly sounds like a dirty pot (if it is crackling), which you can clean with some DeOxit spray.
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Yeah, you're not missing any parts. They have some spots without components in them. That's normal. As mentioned, your pot needs cleaning. If it's sealed and can't be cleaned, the pot needs to be replaced.
Thanks for all the advice, dudes. It turned out, all I needed to do was blow a little bit of air in to the pot, since I didnt have any contact cleaner. The crackle is all gone.

However, it seems like it's way quieter now and you can barely hear the effect. Are the classics normally really subtle, or is mine just dumb?
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Jay Turser JT-220
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What can I say? I like cheap gear.