Hey, this Severin from Stillborn Savior. I want to show you my new Band. At the moment we are recording and rehearsing new material. It's gonna be Djenty !
Stay tuned!

In May 2010, STILLBORN SAVIOR was founded by Severin. Severin, Frank and Raphael previously played together in the technical death metal band rupture, which disolved because they had not a drummer. But this crisis became a blessing, because they wanted to continue to create great music. With Max, the right drummer, was found. The intricate death metal was in the past, now with Stillborn Savior they create catchy but also progressive alternative metal. In the first few months they developed an effective song writing and now STILLBORN SAVIOR strives to bring the enthusiasm that prevails in the rehearsal to the stage. And with Eddy, the newest member as a reinforcement on the guitar, nothing stands in their way.

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