Hey, this Severin again, except this time I am promoting my other Band Lethe! I want to show you my new Band. At the moment we are recording and rehearsing new material.
Stay tuned!

Lethe was founded by Severin and Thomas in December 2009. Their goal was to combine dark and doomish metal mixed up together with melodic death metal and rock. A drummer was found with Philipp who also played in Rupture together with Severin. First rehearsals started in early 2010, the time when Daniel and Richard joined the band to complete the line up. The songwriting process started straight away and serveral songs combining the different styles were created. But after a short time Daniel and Richard left the Band because of musical differences. Soon after that a new Member was found with Manuel.
Lethe stands for, aggressive, melancholic, melodic and progressive Metal played in a self contained way. Perpare yourselfs for the darkside of life!

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