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For the second night in a row now I've gotten absolutely no sleep because it seems my mind is in over-drive and my thoughts have kept me awake even though I feel physically tired and drained. It usually takes me 30 minutes to an hour to fall asleep, this is just an odd occurrence I guess. I feel like I'm going to collapse but remain fully alert mentally.

What about you pit?
It usually takes me about an hour, so not well.
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occasionally 1-5 mins but mostly 1-4 hours it takes. I can't sleep all I do is think but lately I've been busy but keeping to myself a lot so I have time to think about shit during the day and lifes been pretty good lately so I'm not tossing and turning in bed.

It's harder for me to sleep during vacations. I think it's because during the school days I feel that I don't wanna sleep 'cause then the morning feels to come so fast and I have to wake up. I just wanna lay there in bed and enjoy it.

When I'm on a vacation, like now, I feel that I WANT to fall asleep so the next day would come faster. And when I think like that..well of course I can't sleep.

Heh, I hope some of you catch what I'm saying.
Dunno, don't really time it ..... though I hear that Rohypnol works wonders
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I'd say about 30 to 90 minutes... It really depends on how I feel at the time, both mentally and physically
Can take upto 90 minutes. On really bad nights, half or all night.
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I can never sleep at Uni, doesn't help that I live by a railway line and a bus stop.....

Usually I go for a run before bed, tires me out so I drop straight off, healthy too
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Back when I was little it always took me AT LEAST 30 minutes to fall asleep (I remember lying awake for like 1 -2 or sometimes even 3 hours), except for those times when we got home real late after a dinner party and stuff. Dunno if you could call it insomnia, but once I took up the habit of reading in bed things got better. Waking up was like being shot up with adrenaline or something: the instant I opened my eyes I would jump out of bed, run downstairs and turn on the tv to watch some cartoons. Guess I was a classic ADHD case, only back then they called it hyperactive so no Ritalin for me

Then puberty hit, and things gradually started to change. Nowadays I fall asleep almost instantly. Whether I'm tired or not doesn't really seem to matter: within 10 minutes I'm like f*cking Snorlax. I much prefer this sleep pattern, but the downside is that -once I wake up- it takes some effort to get me going (or a cold shower ). After a night out I just lie there for like 20 minutes before I finally get out of bed, and I don't really like that feeling. Makes me feel like a lazy soab. I guess I should start working out again, 'cos I discovered that I've started sleeping WAAAAY longer since I stopped playing football (as in soccer)

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Probably about 5 to 10 minutes. Never had much trouble myself...
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Quite easy, bout half an hour. I'm not a heavy sleeper though, I usually wake up at about 3 in the morning.
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Used to take awhile (not quite as long as some of you are saying, though ), but lately I've been able to do it in 10 minutes max. Feels good man.
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It varies, but it's not about how long I fall asleep. It's about how long I stay asleep before something wakes me up.

I've seen child birth go by more smoothly than my day's sleep (I work nights).
You guys that are kept awake my thinking too much, do you ever find yourself trying to block out all thought but then you end up thinking too much about not thinking? Shit sucks.
5-10 minutes usually. My tv and playstation is in my room so I'm either playing and watching until I get tired. Lie back and before I know it I'm waking up in the morning again.
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You guys that are kept awake my thinking too much, do you ever find yourself trying to block out all thought but then you end up thinking too much about not thinking? Shit sucks.

Exactly! And then I'm like oh it's alright I'll just think about nothing now and concentrate on breathing or something but then I'm like thinking about how that's meant to get me to sleep :|
About 5-10 minutes.
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Pretty long usually, although as of late I've been able to get to sleep within half an hour which is awesome.

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It takes me hours. Although in a couple of days semester will be over, which means I will have a massive weight lifted off my shoulders. In times of low stress, it only takes about an hour for me to sleep, which is pretty good for me.




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I seldom sleep, maybe 20 hours a week, and when I do, it takes a LONG time.
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The average person falls asleep in 9 minutes.. you guys are seriously ****ed!

Me, I fall asleep in about 5-15 minutes, and sleep like a ****ing log.
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This is generally how it goes.

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I can't really sleep without listening to music.

In most cases toward the end of the album I'll be dozing off. Lately though school and friend stress is making me want to die and I can't sleep though, it's taking at least an hour to fall asleep at the moment.
It depends, usually I go to sleep once I'm tired and sleep quite soon, but if I have to get up early the thought of me having to sleep keeps me up. But even then it probably won't take much longer than an hour for me to fall asleep.
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