I've been listening to quite a bit of Grinderman lately, and I'm really digging the sound Warren Ellis can get from his mandocaster.

I'm kind of looking for something similar in my setup, minus the mandocaster.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a mod or replacement for my vox wah, where I can get more sweep out of it. Ive read somewhere that grinderman use colorsound wahs, but I can't seem to find any in Australia.

I'd like to set up something along side the wah so that with toe down, I could get high freq distortion, almost like pure white noise. Then with heel down I could get a sound similar to a growling bear or motorbike.

I understand that placing a fuzz pedal before the wah, will make it more noticeable in its modulation, rather than after.

I'm thinking a fuzz could achieve what I'm looking for. But any ideas on what one?

Also, if you know of any good ones, link up some YouTube vids with demos.

Thanks guys