it wasnt overused, it just got recorded shitty, i used my laptop mic with audacity.... but maybe it was overused, personally, i played a few solos over it, and i chose that one because i liked how it went backwards, it sounded exactly how i wanted to play forwards. the other ones were played a bit cleaner, but i liked how it turned out. thanks for the response
it was! i wanted a john frusciante feel, which isnt there at all hahahahaha except maybe the chord progression? idk......i just wish i had a good mic, so i could get a better sound. my strat doesnt get heard right thru my crate and into my shitty laptop mic.
I like the chord progression... but I don't really get the lead part.
It's lacking some sort of structure.
it reversed hahahaha should i flip it back? and if im good at one thing in life, its chord progressions. but i always end up with chords and a solo in the end.
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