I need some help picking up the right equipment for my guitar.
Right now I have a Fender Stratocaster Rouadhouse deluxe. And I need help with choosing amp. I am playing modernrock/Poprock, playin most John Frusciante and John Mayer. I would like some help choosing an amp which gets the best sound with my guitar to sound like those 2 above mentioned.

Thats my guitar.
Give me some examples on nice Amps which suits for my type of playing!!


Budget? - Well atmost 1500$
Genres? - Pop/rock. RHCP, John Mayer, John Fruisciante. Both nice disted with a good clean sound.
New or Used? - Either way.

Home or Gig? - Mainly Jamminh with friends, no live sets.

Closest City? - Stockholm, Sweden

Current Gear? - Fender stratocaster. Some random pedals. such as: Chrous, delay, wahwah, dist, etc.

Ty for info
you might want to look at some Fender amps (tube) and use an overdrive or distortion for that end of things. both the guys you mentioned don't use insane amounts of gain and often have nice cleans so i'd look for an amp that does that well.