Hi, can anyone tell me anything about a 1985 Marshall JCM 800 4010 1x12 50w combo amplifier?
Iv'e saved lots of money from work and always had an 80's marshall on my mind and now i've found one (friend of a friend asks if i want it before he takes it to a guitar shop as a trade in+its in my price range) So please tell me EVERYTHING you know about these amps.
What music are they good for, what do they sound like, any downsides/problems or common flaws. What tubes are they supposed to have in them? what speakers are they supposed to have fitted??

Thanks alot
Ask to try it out?

He doesn't know what tubes/speakers are meant to be fitted, or even wether the ones fitted are original or something else, says he has no idea and neither do I
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A kind of bluesy rock classic type sound.
I like joe perry, slash etc

Then it's pretty much the industry standard amp for those tones - you want it.
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