The OE30 is a good instrument all around, great for the $300 give or take it cost when in production. Dual Washburn series 400 humbuckers, and a wide semi-hollow body, taken from the design of B.B. King's "Lucille". This one had the misfortune to get dropped and the head was broken clear off the neck. The break was shattered, making repair impossible. A new neck would have cost $230 but was out of stock indefinitely. A used guitar of the same model was located for $150. The neck replacement was fast and flawless, tune up was a snap, and within 2 hours of arrival, the new neck and old body were one and working. The first pic shows it just after the repair. The second explains why the owner was willing to kill one guitar so the other could live -- Graham Nash and David Crosby's signatures.

Me? I did the job for the prestige. And for the Grover tuning keys and the nut from the old neck and the electronics from the new body. All these are going on a FirstAct solid body bought for $10 because the nut was broken. It's of decent enough construction and certainly capable of being fine tuned to play well. It came with a single mediocre humbucker. Two pickups and associated wiring and parts? I own a Dremel and I know how to use it. I also own a belt sander with which I can remove the FirstAct logo (got to -- the Grovers are for a thinner head). I'm thinking the new logo should say SecondAct.
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Serves me right for watching C&N while writing that. The signatures are Crosby and Stills'.